Computers, tablets, e-readers, smartphones and other electronic devices with visual displays all can cause tired eyes, digital eye strain and computer vision syndrome.

Computer-related eye problems have become widespread: according to a 2015 survey by The Vision Council, 65 percent of American adults reported having symptoms of digital eye strain.

Learn how to protect yourself from digital eye strain, including how specially designed computer glasses can relieve tired eyes, 10 tips to reduce computer eye strain, how computer ergonomics can minimize your risk of computer vision problems, and more.

The List Below are a few statistics on Digital Eye Strain/Fatigue

  • 70% of Americans use 2 or more devices at a time
  • Americans that use digital devices for more than 5 hours daily is around 60%
  • People who who use digital devices for more than 2 hours a day 9 out of 10 suffer from digital eye strain or fatigue. 
  •  35% of children use a digital device daily for 3 or more hours
  • The highest rate of digital eye strain is found in adults younger than 30.
  • 90% of patients never talk to their eye doctor about using digital device

What is the Symptoms of Digital Eye Strain

There are a variety of symptoms that will due to the prolonged exposure to computers, smart phones, and other digital devices. All of these produce blue light that is harmful when over exposure is a consistent factor. 
Symptoms can be but not limited to: asthenopia, burning sensation, difficulty in refocusing, eye strain, blurred vision, headaches, irritation, itchiness, neck/shoulder/back pain, redness, soreness, ocular discomfort, tired eyes, grittiness, dry eyes, diplopia, visual fatigue. 
Formerly known as computer vision syndrome, digital eye strain has other factors that contribute to this condition. 
Digital Eye Strain has become a normal topic for eye doctors discuss during a patients visit. The new upgrades in contact lenses, digitally surfaced lens designs, anti-reflective coatings like BB Lenz. 
help eye care professionals treat digital eye strain with the best suited treatment.
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