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Dr. Joseph Y Lee is the first surgeon who has 80,000 or more laser surgery cases who has a perfect recorded record in the state of California.

Your sight is a precious gift. Trust only the very best surgeon with this specialized delicate surgery.

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Dr. .Joseh Lee

It is clear why Dr. Lee is the most trusted laser surgeon in California.

  • More than 8,521 medical practitioners have chosen Dr. Lee for their own laser vision correction procedures– greatest endorsement a surgeon can have.
  • By far Lasik Eye Center has the most and best reviews (for Lasik) on in the U.S. We have more Elite reviews than ANY medical practice in the United States!
  • Dr. Lee owns 10 Excimer (TM) lasers, more than any other individually owned Lasik practice in California.
  • Has performed more laser surgeries on Asians than any other surgeon in the USA.


Graduated from the Univ. of Michigan Medical School (Top Ten U.S. Medical School, U.S. News Ranking)

Two-year refractive surgery Fellowship from the Doheny Eye Institute/USC, now UCLA (Top Five, U.S. Ophthalmology, U.S. News Ranking)

Dr. Joseph Lee received LASIK training in a two-year refractive surgery fellowship (at the prestigious Doheny Eye Institute/USC, now UCLA). Dr. Lee obtained the fellowship through a competitive match of over dozens of very qualified applicants.

Dr. Lee trained under the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s Refractive Surgery Interest Group Chairman.

Dr. Joseph Lee is Board Certified (diplomat) by the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the largest certifying body for eye surgeons.

At the age of 20, Dr. Joseph Lee scored better on his MCAT than the average of accepted students at Harvard Medical School (data from 2005). On the MCAT, Score of 13 on Science Problems.

Dr. Joseph Lee scored 97 percentile on his Board Exam Part 1 (better score than 97% of all physicians that year) on his National Medical Boards, taken by all U.S. physicians.

If you Google “Dr. lee Lasik”, you will find that Dr. Lee is consistently one of the top  in the world in the google ranking. For the past several years, Dr. Lee has been Number 1 in the google ranking under this particular search (from 2006 to 2015).