Learn about  the different types LASIK surgery and vision correction procedures available to you.

About LASIK (Laser-Assisted-In-Situ Keratomileusis)

LASIK is the most often performed elective surgery in North America. This highly effective outpatient procedure is often called refractive surgery or laser vision correction.

LASIK eye surgery  corrects the following vision problems:

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How LASIK Works

The LASIK procedure  performed by ophthalmologists, medical doctors who specialize in surgical treatments of the eye.  Here is a general outline of the procedure:

Anesthetic eye drops are applied to the eye.

The LASIK surgeon creates a protective flap to use the inner corneal tissue. During this part of the procedure, your vision dims and becomes blurry for about a minute.  After the flap is created you are able to see the flashing fixation light of the laser and the bright lights used for the procedure.

Next the inner layers of your cornea receive computer-controlled pulses of cool laser light. Although the laser light is invisible, the laser makes a clicking sound as it gently reshape the inner corneal layer to improve and in many cases, cut your prescription. During this part of the procedure, an eye-tracking device tracks your eye movements to make precise corrections.

Following the re-shaping of the tissue, the LASIK surgeon carefully reposition and aligns the flap to its original position. Protective shields are placed over your eye to prevent accidental rubbing as the flap heals naturally and securely over the next several hours.
After the LASIK eye surgery procedure, patients feel moderate discomfort and irritation for a few hours, but most are comfortable after a nap and rest.

Other – Types of LASIK Eye Surgery

Everyone’s eyes are different. A per-procedure consultation with your doctor will help decide the right type of laser eye surgery for you.

Custom LASIK is a laser vision correction procedure that helps your surgeon customize the laser treatment to your personal eyes. This procedure may result in your vision being clearer and sharper than ever before.

Bladeless LASIK uses a gentle laser to create a precise, uniform corneal flap. As the name implies, no blades are used in this customization eye surgery.
Topography-Guided LASIK is the latest advancement in laser technology.
Wavefront Technology creates a customized map of the unique attributes of your visual system that transfers to the laser, enabling your LASIK surgeon to address your individual visual requirements. Wavefront technology is used in custom LASIK surgery, including custom bladeless LASIK.

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Types of Lasik Eye Surgery

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